Behind the Surviving the Storm Initiative


Scott Hodgson (Executive Producer & Director) is Area Head of Media Arts at the Gaylord College at the University of Oklahoma. For over 25 years Professor Hodgson has produced national award winning media to help the public prepare for natural disasters. His recent programs have included a series of documentaries on the 2011 tornados in Joplin and Tuscaloosa, Super Storm Sandy and the 2013 Moore tornado.

Mike Fleming (Host) is a professional educator and expert builder. Mike is about to embark on a major video project for FEMA as host of a series of videos about how to prepare for different natural disasters.

Nathan Wyatt (Community Interface Coordinator) is a home educated high school student and a Boy Scout. Nathan wanted to lead a significant Eagle Project that would greatly benefit Oklahomans. For his Eagle project, Nathan coordinated the efforts of 25 people in 5 crews volunteering 500 hours over 12 weeks. Together they produced videos, checklists, this distribution web site, and the e-mail campaign that announced the Surviving the Storm Initiative to 300 Emergency Management Agencies, 1,000 public schools and 80 home school associations across Oklahoma. Nathan aspires to have a career in cinematography.

Janelle Barrick (Producer) is a recent media arts graduate from the University of Oklahoma and is now serving as a graduate assistant to Professor Scott Hodgson, while she pursues her master's degree in Media Management. Janelle has been part of many award winning productions including the 2013 Moore tornado documentary. With a passion for the video production industry, Janelle desires to become a full-time film producer after graduating with her master's.

Mitchell Rodkey (Web designer) graduated with the class of  2013 from C.O.A.C.H (Central Oklahoma Alliance of Christian  Homeschoolers). He is a computer engineering major at the University of Oklahoma with a wide background of Information and Technology schooling, including Computer programming, Network troubleshooting along with Software and hardware repair. He is currently working to get his A+ certification in software and hardware troubleshooting and also his Net+ Certification for network troubleshooting so he can work in his field while furthering his education at OU.